And here is a brief outline of what I do.

                 Storytelling & Storytelling Workshops

               & M.A.F. Presentations.**




 1. First and foremost I tell Gods stories as I am a storyteller, to adults and to children or even both.


 2. But I am happy to tell on any theme as long as it's clean.I will not tell blue
or rude stories. I love to tell to all ages, and help to
encourage people to tell themselves.

3. I am based in south east London. But happy to travel to tell a tail or seven. (But that is another story, as they say. Call me to find out more.)





  1. In the Workshops I will give a short intro as to the value and
place of Storytelling.

2. Start with basic techniques of learning a story so you can tell it.  

3. How to start and end a story .

4. Pacing and pausing. 

5. Keeping audience engaged from the start to
the end.

6. Basics of breathing and voice.

7. Learn to improvise in telling a story.

8. And Lots more as well



**M.A.F. Presentations.  are only in the  S.E. London area.

  M.A.F.  Is the "Mission Aviation Fellowship"

Please contact me if you would like me to give a presentation, or would like to know more about this amazing organization, and what they do. Or simply click on the link below if you are outside S.E. London