An outline of who I am, and what I have been doing.



Hi there.

              My name is Christopher Wise, I like to describe myself as a community storyteller. Both locally and nationally  and to that end, I have been telling stories in the community for around fifteen years both independently, and with the  "Storytelling in Hope" club. 

.      ********************************************************************************

I started my storytelling with "The Telling Place" under the tuition of Angela Knowles and Dave Robinson. Both lovely storytellers.

I have also studied under the brilliant Shonaleigh Cumbers and also Dave Arthur.

I tell wherever people will stop and listen. In churches, schools, Sunday schools, offices, care homes, hospitals, clubs, festivals and performance venues.

  I'm not sure you would call it a ministry, but my aim in life is to tell Gods stories, and help others to discover the joy to be found in telling them. But I'm happy to bring the joy of story telling to any who would like to join in the fun.

To this end I have run, and helped run workshops on the different aspects of storytelling.